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Treatment Spotlight: Natura Bissé Instant Renewal Facial

Founded in 1979, luxury Spanish skincare specialist Natura Bissé has more than thirty years’ experience in pioneering research, development and innovation. Here at The Coniston Spa, we have been delivering Natura Bissé treatments for over two years and our therapists have been trained to the highest standards.

Each and every one of Natura Bissé’s products used in our results-driven treatments is blended with the highest concentration of active ingredients to ensure outstanding benefits. The power of touch is Natura Bissé’s mantra, having developed unique techniques with facial contour exercises and sculpting rituals. This powerful approach has been developed to induce relaxation, energy flow and ultimate wellbeing.

In our first treatment spotlight blog, we’ll be showcasing our Natura Bissé Instant Renewal Facial which focuses on exfoliation and addresses four key needs: renewal, deep cleansing, detox and rejuvenation. This revolutionary concept involves a triple exfoliant peel treatment that eliminates dead skin cells, using carboxytherapy – a ground-breaking technique that uses CO2 to combat signs of ageing – while gently activating the skin’s own cell renewal system. The overall result leaves skin looking and feeling unprecedently soft and luminous in just 30 minutes.

So, what does the treatment involve?

The therapist begins with an essential oil inhalation to transport the mind into a relaxed state ready for the treatment. To prepare the body for the treatment, the therapist then performs a body walk – walking her hands up the body, focusing on certain pressure points and loosening the joints so that the body is completed relaxed.

Once the body and mind are in a relaxed state, the therapist can then begin the facial. First, the skin must be prepared; using Natura Bissé The Cure Cleanser, the therapist cleanses the skin using hot mitts and removes any make-up and impurities. This is done twice, followed by the Natura Bissé The Cure Toner, to ensure the skin is nice and clean, ready for the facial.

The facial is then carried out in 3 exfoliating steps. In the first step, a glycolic peel is applied to the face, neck and chest which feels slightly tingly and warm on the skin. Cooling eye pads are applied to the eyes to protect them from the peel. The peel takes 10 minutes to activate and during this time, the therapist begins a scalp massage that focuses on the key pressure points.

Once the massage is complete, the second stage of the treatment is a carbonated powder. This is patted onto the skin over the glycolic peel. The powder is then activated in the final stage using a botanical serum, which is brushed onto the skin and then the therapist massages it into the skin using her fingertips. The carbonated powder reacts with the glycolic which creates a foaming sensation – almost like a fizzing on the skin, which will feel more intense in problem areas.

The products are then removed from the skin using a hot mitt. Once all the product has been removed, the Natura Bissé The Cure Toner is then used again to close the pores. Finally, Natura Bissé The Cure Sheer Cream is applied, which contains SPF 20 to protect the skin from sun damage and is both a blemish balm and colour corrector.

To end the treatment, the therapist repeats the body walk massage in the opposite direction…. Before the magic mirror moment!

The results

The therapist hands you the mirror so you can see the instant, rejuvenating results achieved by the facial. Your skin should be left feeling toned and smoothed with a brighter complexion. We put our Natura Bissé Instant Renewal Facial to the test on one of our team and here are the results…

Before the Natura Bisse Instant Renewal Facial at The Coniston Spa After the Natura Bisse Instant Renewal Facial at The Coniston Spa

Before the facial, the skin was congested around the chin and jawline. There were areas of dry skin and fine lines around the eyes and on the forehead.

After 30 short minutes, the skin looked glowing with a huge reduction in congestion – there was even a visible improvement to a blemish on the jawline. The skin looked firm and plump, and the overall skin tone looked luminous.

The Natura Bissé Instant Renewal Facial is available at The Coniston Spa for £45. To find out more or to book your own magic mirror moment, please contact the Spa directly on 01756 748 080.