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New Product Range Launches in the Spa

We’re delighted to announce that The Coniston Spa are launching a brand-new product range from luxury Spanish brand Natura Bissé – the Natura Bissé Diamond Cocoon collection.

Living in the Yorkshire Dales we don’t tend to associate polluted air and aggressors as a high-risk factor when it comes to premature ageing of the skin. Little do we know how these micro-particles can affect and age our skin.

Natura Bissé have been operating for over 40 years, and when it comes to skin care, they pride themselves on being at the forefront of research and technology. Testing in their own Barcelona laboratories, Natura Bissé are continuously looking at ways to lead the market by providing customers with the very best skin care products.

At our recent Natura Bissé Launch Event for our Spa Members, Natura Bissé Specialist Lucy asks – how many of us look at our mobile phones first thing in a morning? More than half of the room raise their hands. How many of us use our phones as an alarm? Again, the room raise their hands.

Pollution not only surrounds us with micro particles in the air, but also can be in the form of blue light pollution. Blue light pollution is given out from heavy metals, gases and digital device screens such as mobile phones, computers, tablets and televisions which affects most of us in our daily lives. Microscopic fragments that surround our atmosphere and get under our skin accelerate aging.

The Natura Bissé Diamond Cocoon Collection was developed to address the growing, yet largely unheeded effects of today’s invisible aggressors. A complete skincare range that liberates skin from toxins, and fortifies your skin whilst shielding it against different kinds of pollutants to prevent premature aging and other skin damage.

The Coniston Spa now offer the Natura Bissé Diamond Cocoon collection for you to use at home as well as in the form of luxury skin care treatments at the Spa.

The Diamond Cocoon Facial is a red-carpet facial created to reverse the effects of modern pollution and stress, feed the skin and give it back its power to glow with vitality.

Diamond Cocoon Facial is a revitalizing and necessary detox for both the mind and the body. Thanks to an infusion of powerful ingredients applied using enveloping massage techniques, skin glows with renewed health and beauty.

Like a breath of fresh air, in just 60 minutes, the Diamond Cocoon Facial leaves skin impeccably clean, purified, and visibly suppler and more luminous. This incredibly hydrating, brightening, and nourishing treatment will give you instant results – perfect for brides in the lead up to their wedding.

Book in today for a consultation and allow one of our therapists to help protect and treat your skin. To book, please call our Spa Team on 01756 748 080.