Aromatherapy Awareness Week

To celebrate Aromatherapy Awareness Week one of our Spa Therapists, Angela, is delighted to share with you her top tips from our incredible Aromatherapy Associates product range

What's your favourite Aromatherapy Associates oil?

My favourite is Aromatherapy Associates’ Support Equilibrium oil.

What are the benefits of this Aromatherapy Associates oil?

Support Equilibrium is a really powerful oil that adapts to how both your body and mind are feeling. It combines a carefully crafted blend of blend of Geranium, Rose and Frankincense essential oils that helps to balance your hormones and lifts your mood if you're feeling a little low.

How do you use this Aromatherapy Associates oil?

For complete relaxation, I would recommend starting with a breath-work exercise by deeply inhaling, holding, and exhaling a few times. You are then ready to apply the oil, rub a cap full of the oil on your torso, then step into a warm bath or shower and enjoy. You will soon feel the oil working its wonders.

What is your top tip for aromatherapy at home?

My top tip would be to incorporate a candle or diffuser into your wellness routine, you can select a scent dependent on how you feel and create the perfect ambience for you. Aromatherapy Associates’ The Atomiser is my absolute must, a portable diffuser that enables you to have an immersive wellness experience anywhere and at anytime.

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