Meet the Team | Alidia Bury

We are delighted to introduce you to Alidia Bury, our new Blossom Kitchen Food & Beverage Manager. We caught up with Alidia to find out a bit more about her background and what attracted her to this role...

How long have you worked in the industry?

So I have been in the industry for approximately 6 ½ years! I first started when I had just turned 18 years old and went straight into working in the DoubleTree by Hilton hotels.

What is your favourite thing about the industry?

My favourite thing is definitely the personality of the job! I really enjoy getting to know members, and welcome many spa day and hotel guests each day.

What attracted you to this role?

The attraction to this role is that I actually have a background in fitness as well, I studied Sport & Exercise Science and went to University for Physiotherapy! The combination of my passion for fitness and for food & beverage makes this role perfect for me.

What is your favourite dish on the Blossom Kitchen menu?

The Pan-seared Sea Bass! It is a filling dish but is so aesthetically pleasing and perfect after you've spent all day in the spa with the girls!

What is your favourite cocktail to make on our menu?

The Apple & Ginger Mojito. It is refreshing, light and has a little bit of spice.

What are you looking forward to most about the new Spring menu for Blossom Kitchen?

We have a lot of new small dishes coming to the new menu which will give our members and visitors a lot of variety! I think it is going to be a great launch!