Men’s Health Week 2022

In honour of 'Men's Health Week' we are delighted to share some top tips on looking after your mental and physical health from our Nàdarra Spa Fitness Team, Harry & Kalan.


The Power of a Shower

Most of us can't wait to hop into a warm shower first thing in the morning, but did you know the health benefits from taking cold showers? Cold Showers help with stress, anxiety, blood pressure and also assist your body to recover quicker from injury.


Feel Good Fitness

It may be an obvious one but exercise is extremely important for your mental and physical health.  Not only does it keep you physically fit and can health prevent long-term and chronic conditions such as heart disease or diabetes, it is also good for your mind due to exercise releasing endorphins which leave you feeling happy and relaxed. It is for these reasons that it is extremely important to find an exercise you enjoy as it will then become an integral part of your life!


The Forty Winks Wonder

In the busy modern world, it’s sometimes tricky to get a good night sleep, however the benefits of getting at least 8 hours per night are profound and include increased productivity and weight loss, as well as helping your body recover and reset.


Fuel Your Fire

Finding something you are passionate about is incredibly important for your overall health. Working towards goals keeps you focussed and motivated, and the feeling you get when you achieve a target or a milestone is fantastic!


And Relax . . .

If stress has you anxious, tense and worried, consider trying meditation. Spending even a few minutes focussing on breathing and being in the moment can help restore your calm and inner peace. Here at Nàdarra, we recommend regularly take a minute or two to practice breath-work exercises – you really to feel the benefits.