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Spa Member Fitness Survey

We are currently reviewing the class timetable and would love to get as much feedback from you in order to tailor this to your needs more.

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  • 1. Please outline some Class Times that would best suit your personal schedule (you can tick multiple boxes)
  • 2. Which is your favourite Les Mills class?
  • 3. What outdoor classes would you like to see on the class timetable?
  • 4. Which is your favourite class?
  • 5. What changes would you like to see on the timetable?
  • 6. What is your favourite aspect of the classes we offer?
  • 7. How many classes do you attend each week?
  • 8. Do you use the studio privately for your own personal exercise session?
  • 9. Are you interested in personal training sessions?
  • 9a. If you answered 'YES' to the above question, why?
  • 9b. If you answered 'NO' to the above question, why?
  • 10. If you are not interested in personal training sessions, would you be interested in alternative in which the fitness team provide a variety of work out plans that can be purchased?
  • 11. If you don't attend classes, why?
  • 11a. If you answered 'OTHER' to the above question, why?
  • 11. Finally, do you have any other comments with regards to fitness
  • General Information (for analysis purposes only)
  • Which age category describes you?
  • Postcode
  • How long have you had a membership at Nàdarra Spa/The Coniston Spa?
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