Dining at The Coniston Spa

Nourish Brasserie

Breakfast (9am-11am)

Sourdough toast, farmhouse butter & preserves - £3.00  (V) (GFO)

Toasted teacake, farmhouse butter- £3.00 (V)

Overnight oats, apple juice, local skyr yoghurt & seasonal berries- £3.50 (GF) (VEO)

Crumpets, farmhouse butter- £3.00 (VEO)

Granola & citrus bowl, baked granola, citrus salad, toasted almond & dried cranberries - £4.00  (VE)

Avocado & coconut smoothie bowl,  coconut yoghurt, lime, chi seed & kiwi - £6.25  (GF) (VE)

Toasted bagel, chive crème fraiche - £3.50  (V)

Brunch (11am-12pm)

American style pancakes, blueberries, streaky bacon & maple syrup - £6.25

Roast heritage tomato toast, sourdough toast, sulmac & black onion seeds - £6.50  (VE) (GFO)

Poached arlington white egg sourdough toast, smashed avocado & chilli - £6.50 (V) (GFO)

Forest mushrooms on sourdough confit garlic & rosemary butter - £6.50 (GFO)(VEO)

Sides (all £2.50)

Smoked salmon (GF)

Honey roast ham (GF)

Chorizo arlington white egg (GF) (V)

Heritage tomato (GF) (VE)

Pecorino cheese (v)

Menu key

GF- Gluten free
GFO- Gluten free option
V- Vegetarian
VE- Vegan
VEO- Vegan option


Please inform the Nourish team on arrival If you have any special dietary requirements.