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Annual memberships are paid in full from the date of joining. The membership, unless otherwise agreed will start on the day of joining and last one calendar year. A pro rata fee will be charged on joining for the current month for monthly memberships and there after fees are paid each month by direct debit for the month agreed and are collected on or around the 1st of each month. Joint/couple membership payments can only be taken from one bank account, joint/couple members must live at the same address and memberships are non-transferable.

Dress code:

Swimwear must be worn within The Spa at all times in the thermal area. Correct footwear and clothing will be required in the gym facilities. Please respect the Spa facilities and do not leave muddy footwear at the entrance of the Spa.

Mobile phones:

Our spa environment is one of relaxation and tranquillity. Please respect all spa guests’ right to privacy and serenity. In light of this, use of mobile phones are not permitted within the thermal suite, pool hall and changing rooms.

Cancellation terms:

Our minimum membership term agreement is 12 months. Should you wish to cancel your membership after a 12-month period we require this in writing to The Coniston Hotel Spa Membership Department, Coniston Cold, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 4EA or via email to members@theconistonhotel.com at least one month prior to your membership expiry date.

Children’s policy:

 If you intend on bringing children with you to use the facilities during the allocated children’s times of 08.30-09.45  you will need to book your children(s) visit in advance. Please note these times also apply to the brasserie and changing areas.
There is a limit to the number of children we allow in the pool, a maximum of 10 children will be allowed in the facility at any one time. Please note that children may only use the indoor pool and are not permitted to use the indoor/outdoor bubble pool, himalayan salt sauna, steam room or classic sauna due to health and safety. To book your children into swim please contact the Spa Reception Team – a cost of £5 per child will apply.

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