National Spa Week | Top Tips from Our Nàdarra Spa Therapists

In honour of 'National Spa Week' we are delighted to share some top tips from some of our Nàdarra Spa Therapists!

What is your Top Wellness Tip?

Felicity: My top wellness tip would be to make sure you make time for yourself and things that you enjoy doing - even if it is something as simple as reading a good book!
Paula: I am a big believer in essential oils for wellness! I think they can be so helpful in holistic way.
Angela: To always look after yourself and your skin!

What is your Favourite Product & Why?

Felicity: I love the OTO Sleep Drops as they work so well helping me fall into a deep sleep.
Paula: For me it has to be the Natura Bissé Hydrating Essence! It's a simple product you apply after cleansing and it just gives your skin a well deserved drink and provides protection from external aggressors
Angela: Definitely the Natura Bissé Glyco Peel. You can see such amazing results from this product as it gives you a deep exfoliation and a nice glow.

What is your Favourite thing about our Spa?

Felicity: My favourite thing has to be the setting and the scenery at our spa - it's like no other!
Paula: I love our fantastic facilities! Especially our 15m indoor pool and Himalyan Salt Sauna - I feel so relaxed after using them.
Angela: My favourite thing about the spa is the amazing brand partners which we use for our treatments!